Decided to include jokers for each animal, so when the player gets hit by a car or discovered in a house (as a rat) in the game, has a chance to avoid death. That would make the game less realistic but also add to the learning factor, since when you use the joker, you have to answer a trivia question based on events occuring in the game correctly in order to skip death and continue playing.

I think giving each player three “lifes” makes the game more suitable for younger kids again!


That’s actually a neat idea, Fox!

What could also be an idea for avoiding death (instead of the Joker) could be, that the animals don’t die at once, but lose health maybe? And one can Regenerate their health with certain Foods or skipping a round or having to go to a certain save Point or the like. :)

Thank you!

I am afraid your idea would take away an important aspect of the game. Learning about the animals. That is why I wanted to include it in this way, because you don’t have to know the answer, after all you have 3 lifes and the response might be even written on one of your foodcards, which you also dont have to read, but it is better to learn the answers to be more successful in case you have to cross the road.
Still thanks for the input, I appreciate it. :>