How to commission me & T.O.S.

You are interested? Prices will be discussed via e-mail:

Please read this before you contact me:
Choose the motive!

What do you want? Describe your idea as closely as possible. Asking me „What does a pic of my OC cost?“ will not result in you getting an exact price from me.

What is the format you wish?

Options are: Icon, headshot, bust, full body, reference sheet (of one OC in different poses/angles including descriptions) or a complete scene (including multiple, interacting characters, also as part of the background).

How many characters?

Is each character anthro or feral? Do you want them to wear specific clothing or carry „trademark“ items?

I need useful references for a good result, please don’t just send a description of your character (unless of course I am supposed to make your new ref sheet).

Choose a basic style!

Do you want a sketch, line art, comic-style?

What coloring / shading style do you want? Options are: flat color, cell shading (1 layer),cell shading (multiple layers), gradient shading and detailed structures (i.e. fur curls or individual scales) with gradient shading. There is also the elaborate option of a digital painting which is usually lineless and very work-intense.

→ Preferably link to a piece in my gallery as help to clarify what you want.

Some Commission types with set prices

Choose the level of details!
  • on character
  • on background (If no background is chosen, the image will be set against a transparent image, white or black depending on your choice.)
Based on such information I can make you a reliable price offer!
Please notify me back even if you are not interested anymore so that I can take you off of my list.

  • Complex characters/ designs will cost extra.
  • I take payment upfront.
    • For larger, more detailed and complex pieces, I will take a deposit at first and give you an estimate of how long I will have to work on the piece to complete it.

I’ll quote you how much I take each hour.

  • I will send you an invoice, so have your email address ready!
  • Any edits should be stated during the sketching phase.
  • Edits in a later phase will incur additional fees.
    • Two minor edits will be free.
  • I will not be responsible for false or incomplete information provided for the commission by you.
  • The commission is not to be used for commercial means.
  • You can use art you buy from me for personal usage only (Wallpaper, Avatar, etc.)
  • You may upload your commissioned artwork into your online galleries or social networks, but only the web-sized resolution. Credit is required.
  • I reserve the right to put commission art into my portfolio.
  • I have the right to cancel your commission for any reason.
  • I have the right to make profit, sell or have personal use of declined commission sketches.
  • If you need to pull out of the commission, I will refund the amount of money worth of what was yet not done.
  • Commission completion may take up to a month, please inform me if you want it done by a specific date beforehand.
  • By commissioning me, you are automatically accepting my ToS.
I will draw
  • NSFW 
  • Animals
I will not draw
  • Hate Art
  • Complex architecture
  • Scat

Thank you for reading