How to commission me & T.O.S.

If you are interested, prices can be discussed via e-mail:

Please read this before you contact me:
Choose the subject!

What do you want? Describe your idea in as much detail as possible. Questions like „What does a pic of my OC cost?“ are not detailed enough for me to offer an exact price.

What is the format you wish?

Options are: Icon, headshot, bust, full body, reference sheet (of one OC in different poses/angles including descriptions) or a complete scene (including multiple, interacting characters, also as part of the background).

How many characters?

Is each character anthro or feral? Do you want them to wear specific clothing or carry specific items?

I do require good references for a good result, please send more than just a description of your character, unless you are specifically commissioning a reference sheet or a character design.

Choose a basic style!

Do you want a sketch, line art, comic-style?

What coloring / shading style do you want? Options are: flat color, cell shading (1 layer), cell shading (multiple layers), gradient shading and detailed structures (i.e. fur curls or individual scales) with gradient shading. There is also the option of an elaborate digital painting, which is usually lineless and more work-intense.

Preferably link to a piece in my gallery to help to clarify what you want.

Some Commission types with set prices

Choose the level of detail!
  • on the character(s)
  • on background (If no background is chosen, the image will be set against a transparent image, white or black depending on your choice.)

Based on such information, I can make you a reliable price offer!

Please let me know even if you are not interested anymore so that I can take you off of my list.

Terms of service♢
  • To commission me, you must be at least 18 years old.

  • I have the right to cancel your commission if my TOS is not adhered to, or we are not on good terms.

  • I have the right to decline commissions.

  • I will not be held responsible for failing to include certain details or specifics if the commissioner didn’t make them clear.

  • All my prices are starting points and will be adjusted once the specifics of the commission are clear.

  • You can follow progress on your commission on my trello list.

  • I don’t give out, .sai, .psd or .kra files.

    • Line Art commissions are an exception.

  • You may upload your commissioned artwork into your online galleries or social networks, but only in web-sized resolution. Credit is required.

  • I take full payment upfront. Work on your commission commences after payment.

    • For larger, more detailed and complex pieces, I will give you an estimate of how long I will have to work on the piece to complete it and take the resulting price as a deposit. After that estimated time, you can decide, if you want to pay me more to work further on the piece.

    • Payment plans can also be discussed.

  • You may pay with PayPal via invoice or IBAN.
    • IBAN is preferred as PayPal invoices require an extra fee.

  • Any major changes should be requested during the sketching phase.

  • Changes requested in a later phase (e.g. line art, colors) will incur additional fees. Details I missed will not incur a fee.

    • Two minor edits are free.

  • I will show WIPs in the sketching phase and after finishing the line art. You may ask for more WIPs, but please be reasonable.

  • Please tell me if you don’t want a commission to be posted right away, otherwise I will assume I can post it.

  • If you cancel the commission, I will refund the value of what was yet not done.

    • I reserve the right to use the cancelled picture for other commissions.

  • Completed commissions will not be refunded.

  • The commission examples will give you an idea on how I can portray your character. Please note, that some examples are older and that my style is not linear.

  • My commissions are not to be used for commercial purposes unless discussed before.

    • Art purchased from me is for personal use only (Wallpaper, Avatar, etc.)

    • The client may not profit from the artwork beyond resale of the physical original painting (traditional media/ prints) or adoptable design. This includes the sale of digital files, rights to image, or minting non-fungible tokens.

    • You may not alter commissions (or any of my works) nor trace them.

      • If a commissioner wants to make alterations or commission another person to do so, permission needs to be asked first.

  • I reserve the right to put commission art into my portfolio and use it for self-promotion.

  • I reserve the right to make profit, sell or make use of declined commission sketches.

  • Commission completion may take up to two months, please inform me if you want it done by a specific date beforehand. Depending on the date, this request will incur a rush fee.

  • By commissioning me, you are automatically accepting my TOS.

I will draw♢
  • Animals

  • Anthros

  • Ask me~

I will not draw♢
  • Complex architecture  

  • Police propaganda

  • Nazi ideology

Thank you for reading