About Me

Illustrator| Character​ ​Designer| ​Comic​ ​Artist

Hello there! On the vast plains and in the dark alleys of the internet, I am known as CorruptedFox or Tyr. As such, I enjoy drawing, and I do so in many styles, and experiment with traditional and digital media alike. Currently, I am studying in an art academy in Germany.

My preferred subjects to draw are animals: realistic, stylized, however you can imagine them! To give an animal a relatable expression remains a challenge, but one I am more than willing to accept. Foxes, birds and fantasy critters are what I enjoy drawing most, and appear frequently in my work.

Many of my works feature original characters, which I have created for certain settings or simply to express myself and whom I hold very dear to me. I also love designing creatures and fur patterns. Those designs I don’t feel attached to, I give them a new home by selling them.

Apart from depicting animals I have a passion for drawing historical clothing, such as military uniforms from the second World War, as well as planes from the same era. Flight, be it in the form of birds, dinosaurs or planes has always been a theme in my work.

If you have any questions regarding my art or commissions, please do not hesitate to contact me via e-mail corruptedfox@gmx.de~