Fresh snow

As usual, it is hard to pick specific pieces of art to show in a post, that is supposed to give the first impression of your blog. Having quite a bunch of them laying around does not help either.

Fortunately it is inspiring to view through old art you want to show off. It even is motivating to see how far one has come. One might dislike most of their older art but from time to time there are appear pieces you hold dear in your heart.

For this post I will have to pick from stuff I specifically did in the KDA tho. A lot of them felt rushed since my time management is rather bad and I don’t always liked what I had to draw nor the topic.

 Der seltsame Besucher

(Yes, those spots in the left corner are blood, which fell on the paper during a case of nosebleed ;< )

I did this pretty early in the KDA, but still like it, since it was pretty challenging to avoid using round shapes and as dumb as it might sound, to pick up a pencil. I tend to draw digitally out of comfort, but I plan to avoid focusing only on one medium and (re)discover the joys of traditional work again. Especially the skull was fun to mess around with as I discovered that taking out the round shapes from it, would make it appear more eerie and sinister looking.


Those two drawings also belong to a project I had fun with. Such challenges force you draw differently and change things according to the colour you are working with so the figure you want to show, is visible. Besides that I learned about new english phrases whilst working on this project!

If you want to see more of my art right now, I suggest you to go onto my deviantart art profile, otherwise you can wait until I upload new stuff here :>

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First of: Fresh snow is a hecking cute title!
Second: I still remember that old task of ‘no rounds, only inks’ never noticed that yours had blood on it tho. (A real artist, suffering for the craft :’D)

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